FRP Molded Grating Industrial Applications and Uses in Daily Life

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating products are widely used in various industries. FRP grating is made up of a combination of a matrix of fiberglass and resin. This thing makes grating a composite material. The two primary manufacturing processes used to produce Macro Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Grating products are Open Molding and other is Pultrsuion. Both processes produce high quality and uniform construction products.

Frp molded grating products

High quality and the well-designed pultruded grating is stronger, corrosion resistant and is less expensive than molded grating. Whereas FRP molded grating has equal strength in both directions and is made with square rectangular grid patterns. Although this is the old process than GRP pultruded grating, it is widely used and performs well in many applications including household’s products as well as in industrial manufacturing plants.

Molded Grating process:

The manufacturing of the molded grating is done by the placement of continuous glass fibers, in vertical and horizontal directions in the mold. Then these glass fibers are wetted with resin thoroughly, layer by layer. After finishing off the weaving process, the mold is subjected to heat, for curing the panel.

The panel is removed from the mold after curing. The top surface of the standard panel would be concave and then the panel is placed for drying. A process like a post applied grit can be bonded afterward in the form of a secondary operation. This continuous process leads to the formation of a one-piece panel that has the outstanding bi-directional strength.

Main equipment required in the manufacturing process:

  1. Roving Input tube
  2. Fiberglass creel
  3. Resin Press etc.

Advantages of FRP Molded Grating:

  • FRP molded grating are thermally insulated and fire retardant.
  • They are the bad conductor of electricity, which makes them ideal to be sued in power plants
  • No requirements for cleaning and painting work which reduce their maintenance cost
  • They are available in the wide range of colors, which makes them aesthetically amazing.
  • This grating doesn't affect the electromagnetic frequency.
  • They don't need welding while being installed.
  • Very light in weight that makes installation easy.
  • Easily washable and complete rust proof

Major applications of FRP molded Grating:

Fiberglass is often used when there are safety reasons due to liquids or oils on the floor. Many different applications like walkways, platforms, protective shielding, staircase, machinery housing, food processing plants, lift stations, bottling lines, chemical plants, and other diverse industries. People who love gardening and maintain their gardens can use Fiberglass fencing. It not only ensures the protection from animals but it also makes the garden more appealing. The fencing of fiberglass gratings adds charm and enhances the garden beauty along with security.


You can obtain the high-quality FRP molded grating products by visiting the sites of companies that manufacture and offer products in FRP mold grating. If you want to customize fiberglass gratings at a nominal price many manufacturers are available in the market, you can contact them online for your desired orders and get them at your home.